Beyond Theory Robotics has applied to present something we are calling:


Human Robotic Interfacing: Controlling machines with you mind and body. 

Short Summery:

Interactive hands on experiences in which attendees can learn how their brainwaves and muscle impulses can be used to command physical devices and digital software. 


Full Description: 

Our company is developing robotic prosthesis to improve the quality of the lives of people who need them. Through our process we have developed a high understanding of how the brain and muscles communicate through the body to control movement of limbs. We want to share a part of what we have learned and have people experience interactions with machines that are novel and exciting. Leaving with a greater understanding of how this technology works and the possibilities for its use in the future.

Interactive/Hands on activity for public description:

We plan to have two activities:

One is a way for users to visualize their brain waves. Using EEG (headset) technology and custom software we have developed, people can see a representation of their signal patterns and learn to manipulate patterns and colors with nothing more than their thoughts.  

The second is a physical ball in maze game in which players use their muscle impulses (EMG) or a gyroscopic glove to control (backup) the pitch and roll of a plane guiding the ball to the end.  The physical game will be about the size of a laptop and depending on the aptitude of the user should only take a few minutes to complete.  

We are still pending approval but we are still very excited about the possibility and wanted to share.  


AuthorChase Dudley