Although bTR is no longer a company I still want to contribute my work in 3D printing and assistive robotics to the community.  This site serves a a portal to release this work and document its function.  Expect to see more. 


Despite this being a solitary endeavor I still think the original mission and vision of Beyond Theory applies.  


Mission  \\ 

         We make robotics to better humanity. 

         We do this for ourselves and to better the lives of people who need it.

         We do this by utilizing technology and science.   

Vision  \\

         Our vision is to have a world where assistive robotic technology is affordable and available to everyone. 

Mandership  \\  

         Work for your self. 

         Problems are only an opportunity to learn.

         Know what you are doing. 

         Music is essential everyday. 

         Fail spectacularly, its much more dignified.