Flashlight Nitelight allows you to turn most flashlights into a multifunction nightlight. You can easily socket it on the end, allowing you to use your flashlight as a helpful lamp. All you need to do is print this in scale to the diameter of your flashlight. The instructions attached (PDF) explain on how to scale and choose infill to best print this for your needs. 

You can download FlashLight Nightlight Here

Instructions:   How to scale for your flashlight

* you need a ruler (preferably a micrometer)

To properly scale Flashlight Nitelight use the scale proportionally and the percentage fields in your slicer. The original diameter is 34.50mm. To find the right percentage we will use some math.  

Measure the diameter of your flashlight.  In this example I will use a flashlight smaller than the original design but you can scale up for a bigger flashlight just a easily.   The micrometer says 25.5mm.  (If your using a ruler use the cm andjust move your decimal place for example this would be 2.55 cm

Equation: Y = P% * X

X is our original diameter, always 34.5  

Y is your flashlight’s diameter, in this case 25.5 

Solve for P

P% = Y/X

P% = 25.5/34.5

p = 0.7391

Move the decimal 2 places over and we get 73.91%   

If your having trouble at all with this check out http://www.calculatorsoup.com/calculators/math/percentage.php they have a nifty tool to solve this or feel free to leave me comment. 

Set the scale to 74% in your slicer and print!  

*** Take note!! There are a lot of steps in-between you and your printer if it doesn't work the first time try again!  Also print with the ring down on the bed so you can pause the print and test your math before printing the rest of the object this will save you time and material if things are slightly off.  

Notes on Infill:

By changing the Infill percentage or style you can change the way the light is diffused through the material.   If your using a opaque material you can lower the infill to allow more light to come through.  The model is designed to be printed with out supports and can even be printed with zero infill.  (with glow in the dark materials I like using 100% infill because then they glow longer and brighter) 



Created by Chase Dudley


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AuthorChase Dudley
AuthorChase Dudley

The Prinrtbot is one of the lowest cost 3D printers on the market. I wanted to see what thing was made of. So I built one and I am currently running it through a battery of tests. Stay tuned for my overview with tips and tricks.  

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AuthorChase Dudley